Kim has always believed that she was born to be a Makeup Artist. Her daring creative passion for exploring and questioning all things related to beauty has led her around the world.

Being half dutch and half Italian, Kim was lucky enough to explore Europe at a very young age. The more Kim traveled the world, the more intrigued she was by it’s ocean’s, geology, agriculture, art and history.

Growing up near the beach in So. California created her love for natural beauty and the power of nature. Being a surfer and a swimmer, Kim, at the time never wore makeup herself, but she longed for Halloween to come around to create amazing looks and costumes for family and friends. Kim was fascinated by makeup, It was all she could think about.

Having a recurring dream from a very young age of becoming a makeup artist in Hollywood, Kim Borio always knew one day she would become “Kim the Makeup Artist.” The challenge was how to turn the dream into a reality.

Kim found out at an early age that she was ambidextrous, which has proven helpful in her career. She also found out that she was dyslexic and came to the conclusion early on that it would be better to learn by seeing the world and meeting people, then it would be to read about the world in a book.

In her teens, as the neighborhood babysitter, Kim met some wonderful people. One of whom was a celebrity makeup artist. Kim was instantly intrigued…she wanted to be her.

One day the makeup artist found herself booked on two shows and asked Kim if she wanted to cover one of the sports shows for her. Kim immediately said, “YES! But i don’t own a kit!” She was told to break into the garage and take the spare makeup kit and , “GO FOR IT! “ That was the big break she needed.

“Being a makeup artist was the most natural thing that I had ever done, I was young, energetic and instantly hooked, it was one of the best days of my life.”

Getting thrown into Live Tv from the beginning, with High Definition just about to come out, Kim had no choice but to be fast and precise. She developed and perfected skills that had not yet been created because the “high def technique” didn’t exist at the time.

By creating and developing her high def makeup method, Kim has been able to work huge events, such as the Olympics, the World Cup, and the UEFA Championship games. it’s also has given her the ability to work London, New York and LA “Fashion Week,” along with commercials, local News, national news, soap operas, Sports shows and The Tonight Show, just to name a few.

Kim has taught her technique to novice and makeup professionals at AOFM in London, and she appears as a guest speaker at beauty, skincare and makeup trade-shows all over the world.

She also makes appearances on television as a Beauty Expert.

Kim was the 1st makeup artist to ever have a beauty show on the radio called, “BEAUTY BY KIM”.

Kim has worked with a wide-range of celebrities, including models, actors, musicians, politicians and professional athletes.

Kim has also been a Spokesperson and consultant for makeup brush companies and organic skin-care lines.

Always innovative and looking to discover the next best thing, when Kim’s not working she’s exploring the world with camera in hand.

Kim’s self-funded research keeps her searching for beauty secrets and questioning everyone from tour-guides to monks, gaining her a vast amount of wisdom and knowledge.

She enjoys Archeology, mining for gems, visiting museums, exploring natural wonders such as volcanoes, studying water, soil, plant extracts and practically anything that comes naturally from the earth.

You can see why people who know Kim call her “Kimdianna Jones” and “Kim Possible.”

“I have never looked at makeup as a job, it’s my passion. I’ve never considered myself to be a salesperson. I’m an educator. If I don’t like something, I will tell you, when I find techniques and products I love, I enjoy sharing them with everyone.”

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