“Kim Borio is the BEST OF THE BEST!!! She made our models glow and look amazing. Kim works quickly, professionally and out-shined all of our in-house artists.

Any company associated with Kim is very fortunate!”

— Chad Law-Director of Education, L’Oreal USA

“I never once worried about skin care when trying to win games as a head football coach. Now, as my career transitions to the world of television, I realize that my face is important. Kim is an expert at bringing back the natural vibrancy of your “look” that years and neglect might have taken away. She is truly an artist in every sense without making the experience frilly or uncomfortable. I can’t thank her enough and you will as well!”

— Rick Neuheisel, Former head coach UCLA, Analyst Pac 12 Network

“I’ve worked hundreds of productions on camera, and no one makes me look better on air than Kim. Her attention to detail is the best, and thus her work with make-up detail is second to none.”

— Mark Rogondino, National PxP/Host Talent

“Often I have to be on-camera before 6 am, Kim and her techniques get’s my face looking refreshed and wide awake! She’s the best!”

— Rob Stone, Fox Soccer Channel Host

All I know is that when kimmy does my makeup for television work, I always look better then I should and gives me the confidence to do the work knowing that I look good.

It also helps that she knows everything there is to know about her job…….and mine. She’s a real pro and I love her to death!

— Eric Wynalda, Lead analyst fox soccer channel

“I’ve worked with many makeup artists in my years in television and no one has ever taught me as much about the world of makeup, as Kim has. She’s the most educated makeup artist I know, and I can honestly say that everything I know about my own skincare –is because of her time and dedication in explaining products and techniques to me, buying products on her own dime to prove I’d like something, and following up with genuine care to make sure the makeup worked out as planned. Kim doesn’t just “do makeup”…she has a true passion for the artistry and takes more pride in her work than anyone I know. I’ve flown thousands of miles just to make sure only Kim touched my face–its that serious. She’s light-years ahead of other artists in terms of products, makeup trends, and its no wonder she’s flown around the world to speak to others and teach them her techniques. I’ve heard makeup artists say their technique or products are “new”, and I have to smile because Kim has told me about them two years prior to. She’s a student of her craft, and never decreases her desire to learn more. She’s also not afraid to show others what she does–many makeup artists might withold certain information, but Kim is selfless when it comes to sharing her knowledge, so that women and men, both in TV and in everyday life–feel comfortable about the way they look and feel. I feel sorry for any other makeup artist who comes near you after you’ve had one session with Kim….she sets the standard by which others strive to achieve. She’s simply…the best.”

I just love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

— Audra Lowe, host of Better TV

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